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Summer Educator Scholarships Awarded

June 29, 2011

CGA is committed to providing scholarships to educators to enrich their expertise. This summer, we encouraged applicants to tell us which summer conference they would like to attend. Our Scholarship Committee granted the following scholarships:

  • Heather Aston, East, Midwest Conference on Differentiated Instruction
  • Don Kemp, CHS, AP Statistics using Fathom Program at Woodward Academy in Georgia
  • Shari Hunt, CHS, AP Annual Conference in San Fransisco
  • Beth Cook and Liz Malone to Confratute 2011.

What does it take for CISD educators to qualify?
As an initial requirement, educators must be CGA members.  CISD employees have the unique opportunity to join CGA for FREE between July 1 – September 30, 2011. Also, educators must articulate how attending the conference will benefit their students, as well as a commitment to implement and share what they learn. For more information about scholarships including how to apply, please contact our scholarship chair, Stacy Price at

We look forward to hearing from the scholarship winners as they blog on the CGA website about their experiences. CONGRATULATIONS!

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