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Dungeons and Dragons making a comeback? The benefits of role-playing games for the gifted

July 1, 2011

A recent article in Psychology Today discusses the benefits for role-playing fantasy games for the gifted.

Role of Anxiety Master

highly intelligent adolescents in their study had more insomnia and fear of the unknown than other students. They also had higher levels of “intensified experiences” (also called overexcitabilities), especially intense imaginative, emotional, and intellectual experiences. [Two leading education researchers] posit that having a more intense experience of the world may lead to certain anxieties, especially fear of the unknown. — Psychology Today article

Of course, we didn’t need a study to know that gifted kids can be intensely good at math, language, or problem solving — and just as intense in emotions and world view. The interesting part of the article is that the study found that children can benefit from working through their anxieties through role-playing fantasy games. To read more, please click this link:
Psychology Today: The Role of Anxiety Master

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