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SMART at UTD Center for Brain Health

July 5, 2011

The Dallas Morning News on July 5 highlighted the FREE SMART camp offered by UTD’s Center for Brain Health for ADHD students. The camp, targeting kids 11-15, aims at “nothing less than changing the physiology of the brain by teaching the kids how to think.” To read the article, please click here.

The next camp is July 11 through July 21, with limited spaces. To participate, parents must bring children in for a preliminary assessment to determine their eligibility, and then sign a waiver allowing the results to be used for research. Campers must commit to the entire 9 day session. Visit: for details.

According to the Center for Brain Health Website:
SMART is an acronym for the Center for BrainHealth’s evidence-based program, Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training, used to study cognitive brain training in various populations. Center for BrainHealth neuroscientists, Drs. Sandra Bond Chapman, Jacquelyn Gamino, Lori Cook, and Molly Keebler developed the SMART program to train cognitive strategies that enhance and engage the brain’s frontal lobes to improve brain efficiency through organization, synthesis, abstraction and interpretation of meaning. SMART teaches individuals how to think strategically, enabling deeper understanding, and creativity. The SMART program works because it addresses the three pivotal brain processes that ensure mental productivity: strategic attention, integration, and mental flexibility.

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