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Don Kemp on the AP Conference with Statistics and Fathom

August 1, 2011

Wow, what a week it was for me at my AP Training last week . I received a scholarship from CGA to go to training in Atlanta, Ga. It was AP Statistics  with an emphasis on a teaching tool called Fathom, and it was awesome!!!!!

This tool , Fathom, will allow me to demonstrate topics in Statistics I thought I could never get across to my students. Sampling Distributions, for example, has been a tough topic for my students to grasp. I will be able to model a sampling distribution on this teaching tool that will clearly show what a real sampling distribution looks like.

We also went into several other topics in Statistics that without this class, I could never really connect with my students on the true meaning or the uses. Topics such as stratified sampling,several types of bias- and how to reduse it, adjusted coorelation, nultiple regression and most important – simulation are topics that we looked at in this course. The fathom tool helps bring these topics “ALIVE” and will bring a much deeper understanding to my students.

I can’t thank and CGA enough for the opportunity to go to this course. It will be invaulable to me and my students for the next school years and beyond.

Thanks again,

Don Kemp

AP Statistics

Coppell High School

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