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PhD student needs help from parents of gifted kids

September 9, 2011

There’s a PhD student in Australia doing “an exploration of the everyday experience of raising a gifted child.” As part of her project, Natalie Rimlinger is surveying parents of gifted and twice-exceptional kids. I strongly suggest parents of these incredible kids spend the 20 minutes or so and take the survey. It’s not often that we’re questioned about our experiences in raising gifted and 2e kids.

Have you ever wanted to tell someone what it’s really like being the parent of a gifted child? Here’s your chance!
My study will ask you about the everyday experience of raising your child, your interactions with your child’s school (or why you homeschool), your worries or concerns, and your support network.
This study is about you. Speak up and have your say.
– Natalie Rimlinger

To participate you need to be the parent or caregiver of a cognitively gifted child who is undertaking a primary/elementary school curriculum. People who are homeschooling and participants from around the world are encouraged to take part. The survey will be open until at the end of November 2011.

This survey has been designed to ask questions that haven’t been asked of parents/caregivers of gifted children before. It aims to explore various aspects of raising your gifted child such as your experience of being a parent/caregiver, your interactions with your child’s school, your worries or concerns, and your social support network.

Click for more information and take the time to express your joys and frustrations in raising gifted kids.

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