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CGA Symposium

September 14, 2011


    • Feb 2, 2012 7p-8:30p

      CHS Lecture Hall

Panel Discussion on how to succeed in High School

    • Feb 4, 2012 (8:15a-2:45p)

      Coppell Middle School East

Please join us for this all day event with sessions on parenting and education; plus enrichment activities for students K-5th grades.  Our Keynote speaker will be Kathleen Fischer and our break out lunch session will include the Coppell mother/daughter team of Cynthia and Brianna Lee.  Other sessions include teachers, Beth Cooke and Liz Malone, co-presenting on the topic of ‘Increasing Motivation in the Underachieving Student’.

Cynthia and Brianna Lee are the author and illustrator of the book ‘Hello Mr. Moon’ and will be informing families of how they can start the writing, illustrating, and publishing process together.  Cynthia has a life long love of writing and entered the publishing world with a wonderful new book inspired by a comment her daughter made during an afternoon outing.  ‘Hello Mr. Moon’ is a bedtime story for children and is illustrated from a child’s perspective by Brianna at the age of 6.  Brianna is now an 11 year old at Coppell Middle School West where she enjoys art and reading.

Beth Cooke and Liz Malone will focus on identifying strategies that can be used effectively to help underachieving learners perform to their potential.  Liz Malone is currently a 4th grade teacher at Austin Elementary and has 2 older children that were both identified as gifted learners during their elementary years.  Beth Cooke is starting her 31st year of teaching.  All of her years have been with Coppell ISD with her first 5 years as a 5th grade teacher and her last 25 years as a 3rd grade teacher.  They both understand that underachievement is an issue faced by many gifted learners and their parents.  It is their hope that some of the strategies shared in this session will provide a starting point for families who are struggling to find a way to help their child reach beyond the frustration and discover the joy that comes from achieving their true potential.

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