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Teacher Toolbox: using Google docs to differentiate

October 11, 2011

We are proud to introduce our first installment of Teacher Toolbox, where teachers share ideas to meet the needs of gifted students.

“Technology naturally differentiates curriculum because it allows for students to take their learning to a level appropriate for them, and they can be challenged to think more critically and creatively,” according to Tracey Kling, CISD educator, certified GT teacher, and I-Team member.

One effective use of technology is through the use of Google Docs, a product available to all teachers and their students in CISD.  Google Docs allows students to collaborate with their teacher — allowing teachers to comment and help students question themselves and think with more depth and complexity.   Kling encourages all educators to consider the possibilities, adding “everyone in the district is under one domain now, so that makes collaboration and building of portfolios much easier.”

Wonder how Google Docs can work for you? Kling offered this video as a quick overview of the potential uses.  Also, you can contact her and the rest of the members of the I-Team for specific support and ideas to make technology help you in the classroom.

For parents worried that your child has unfettered access to an email account, Kling offers reassurances that all students have access to google accounts and have gone through acceptable use lessons.  Students do have gmail through this account, but it is not used for personal reasons, it is only to be used for school purposes.  She wants all parents to know that student security is taken seriously.  “All the google accounts are under CISD, so we (CISD) have control over that domain.  You have to be a part of CISD to have a district google apps account.”

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