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Creative Writing Competition — Final Results 2011-12

February 5, 2012

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Competition this year.  Here are the final results.

We will be taking book orders starting February 8, 2012 (click on Creative Writing Books in left column). Pre-ordered books cost $17 each book, including tax and shipping (1st place winners will receive one complimentary copy) before March 20, 2012. Books will be $20 plus shipping after March 20. A small number of extra copies will be available at the book release party — for the $20 price. Pre-order to guarantee your copy and the discount pricing.

Book Release party is April 4 at 5:45p.  Special guest: Pam Cope, author of Jantsen’s Gift, who has appeared on Oprah Winfrey and has been featured in articles in the New York Times and others.  Mark your calendar now.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Here are the 1st Place recipients and Honorable Mentions (the stories of  each of these students will appear in the book).  In each category, the 1st place recipient was selected as the entry with the highest ranking in the category; honorable mentions include all entries that received either a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ranking from each judge.  Honorable mentions are listed below in alphabetical order.

Judging category:


First Name:

Last Name:


Fiction 3 1st Place Anvita Ukidwe A Magical Acorn
Honorable Mention Jenny Ji Into The Cave
Honorable Mention Yashasvi Karri Victory
Honorable Mention Matthew Li Donald the Duck
Honorable Mention Aryan Pal The Haunted Sausage
Honorable Mention Rachel Sun True Love
Fiction 4 1st Place Isabelle Hernandez Four Seasons, Two Perspectives
Honorable mention Rithik Chennupati 2011 In Princeton
Honorable mention Sohom Ghosh Golok and His Alien Friends
Honorable mention Ananya Prakash Jill’s Halloween Adventure
Honorable mention Aneesh Sharma Life from a Gorilla’s Perspective
Honorable mention Benjamin Wang Artificial Supernova
Fiction 5 1st Place Manasi Ramadurgum The Tale of an Average Pencil
Honorable mention Mihira Gore My Unfinished World
Honorable mention Chaeyeon Han The Three Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
Honorable mention Nisha Singh Beatrice and Wonderland
Honorable mention Kelly Wei Within Reach
Fiction 6 1st Place Ardi Saunders Huff and Puff and Blew–from a different point of view
Honorable mention Zachary Eckley Invasion
Honorable mention Abbie Hall Escape
Honorable mention Pranjal Jain Face-to-Face with Androids
Honorable mention Asad Khawaja Journey to Calispur
Honorable mention Ashna Pathan Count Dracula’s Revenge
Honorable mention Minjung Yu They Called Me Hope
Fiction 7-8 1st Place Abhi Manivannan The Thing with Feathers
Honorable Mention Nikita Belathur Stolen
Honorable Mention Seoyon Lee Prince’s Story of Cinderella
Honorable mention Aditi Mukund The Beauty of Friendship
Honorable Mention Manasa Muppirala The Mistake
Honorable Mention Aviral Somani Cobra Connection
Fiction High School 1st Place Kelly Hall Doppelganger
Honorable mention Aimee Hyndman Guardian
Honorable mention Prerana Ramadurgum Lost
Honorable mention Lexie Yut A Tale of Two
Non-fiction Elementary 1st Place Maddie Hulcy Unexpected Fun
Honorable mention Chaeyeon Han When the Relatives Visited
Honorable mention Akansha Singh Decisions
Honorable mention Manasa Vemaraju Boston Tea Party – The act for freedom
Non-fiction High 1st Place Rachel Sandle Something New
Honorable mention Raga Ayyagari Thanksgiving
Honorable mention Joshua Chanin Finding My Voice
Honorable mention Jessica Chavarro Goodbye Lady
Honorable mention V Karri Permission
Honorable mention Brianna Williams The Product of a Real Family
Honorable mention Lexie Yut Shower for the Soul
Non-fiction Middle 1st Place Ananya Rajesh St. Eustace
Honorable mention Sara Koh The Unfinished puzzle
Honorable mention Aditi Mukund A Broken Childhood
Honorable mention Nathan Sims The Accident
Honorable mention Shruti Vellaturi Our Texas
Honorable mention Minjung Yu Just a Simple Seed
Poetry 11-12 1st Place Aadam Husain Heart Beats On
Honorable mention Petra Antoine Jealousy
Honorable mention Raga Ayyagari Different
Honorable mention Sneha Ayyagari For the Redwood
Honorable mention Jessica Chavarro Light Through The Confusion
Honorable mention Kelly Stewart Alzheimer’s Disease
Poetry 3 1st Place Isabella Zeff A Quiet Town
Honorable Mention Jenny Ji The Mouse
Poetry 4 1st Place Emilie Sangerhausen The Cat
Honorable Mention Vanuli Arya What It Is
Honorable Mention Langston Gardner How Blessed I Am
Honorable Mention Aneesh Sharma Piano Keys
Honorable Mention Carrie Sheffield Forests
Poetry 5 1st Place Manasi Ramadurgum Inside my Sister’s Pocket
Honorable Mention Almira Rajwani Bluberry field
Honorable Mention Stella Yan Rain
Poetry 6 1st Place Ashley Rivera Unique
Honorable mention nikki falk Think
Honorable mention Hannah Hohman Goal
Honorable mention Christine Ji Hope
Honorable mention Sarah Low Endurance
Honorable mention Lauren McCord Anything in the World
Honorable mention Reyna Rivas Your Best Friend
Honorable mention Minjung Yu Angels Don’t Always Have Wings
Poetry 7 1st Place Meara Isenberg The Beach
Honorable mention Nikita Belathur The Meanest of Them All
Honorable mention Hiran Buyyanapragada Our Home Planet
Honorable mention BILAL HAQUE Fear
Honorable mention Abhi Manivannan The Girl and the Maple Tree
Honorable mention Manasa Muppirala The Best Day Ever
Honorable mention Veronica Nguyen On The Outside and Inside
Honorable mention Trinity Sullivan Steadfast In A Revolution
Poetry 8 1st Place Ananya Rajesh The South
Honorable mention Hriju Adhikari Life As We Know It
Honorable mention Sanskriti Agarwal Mother Nature
Honorable mention Gayatri Godithi How to spend life
Honorable mention Surbhi Kumar Don’t Wing it
Honorable mention Arthi Tarugu The Art of Unmoving
Poetry 9-10 1st Place Katy Li Wishbone
Honorable mention Kelly Hall Dear Shadow
Honorable mention Jessica Kelly Gray Blanket
Honorable mention Emaan Majed Demands
Honorable mention Aparna Panatpur A New World Acrostic Poem
Honorable mention Prerana Ramadurgum New Kid
Honorable mention Lexie Yut Waiting
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