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Brown bag discussion with Todd Kettler. Gifted: What should it mean?

February 6, 2012

Gifted: What should it mean?

NAGC recently advocated for a new definition of “gifted” that differs greatly from any current view.  This new definition emphasizes:

1)  psychosocial and cognitive variables

2)  developmental model:

potential   –>  achievement   –>  eminence

How could this new definition impact the future of gifted education?

Brown Bag Discussion with

Todd Kettler,
CISD Director of Advanced Academics

Feb 15 & Feb 29, 12 noon


CGA Members only

Space is limited.  Priority given to Symposium attendees.

To register, contact:

Elizabeth Chappell, CGA President.



Want to find out more?  Check out Todd’s article that describes the changes by clicking here.

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