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Improve Writing and Critical Thinking

February 14, 2012

Carol Smith shares her thoughts about the CGA Symposium session: “Powerful Strategies to Improve Writing and Critical Thinking” with Scott Hobson, Educational Consultant, Elite Educational Resources

Scott discussed Convergent, Divergent and Cultural Thinking with parents. He shared how parents can help their children with the thinking skills outside of class by posing questions and he used Nathan Levy’s book, Stories With Holes, to show them how. Parents were involved and actively engaged in the learning and experienced learning as their children would. They were so gracious when put on the spot in having to stand up to give answers and share their thoughts. The pressure was on to answer cultural questions that Scott posed to the audience that all children should know such as, Who is the president of the USA?, What is the capital of Phoenix?, What scientist game up with the theory of gravity? and so on. He used the Whose Clues? Books of Nathan Levy to explain the process of processing information, thinking and guessing. He shared personal stories of his son’s different approaches to solving problems and the way their brains are wired differently. That one is not better than the other, just different. Parents were involved in the learning and enjoyed the session. I think they will take many ideas home with them and “play” the learning games with their children.

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