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Explore UT March 3, 2012

February 15, 2012
Come to Explore UT March 3
The University of Texas at Austin will host Explore UT, its annual free open house, on Saturday, March 3, 2012, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Explore UT is for all ages, K-12, and there’s no registration to participate in the more than 350 learning activities.
Explore UT makes a great field trip for providing enrichment to gifted and talented students, and it’s also a fun family outing.
Check out activities on the Explore UT Website
Information for college-bound students will include the following:
–  Learn how to make the jump to college writing.
–  Talk with UT students about what college life is really like.
–  Find out how to apply for scholarships and financial aid.
–  Get a 30-minute tour of campus with a UT student guide.
Explore UT offers learning activities for all students that gets them excited about learning and opens their eyes to career and life possibilities. Here’s a sampling:
–  Watch toddler-sized robots play soccer.
–  Walk on water (non-Newtonian fluids).
–  Wear a bunny suit in an electronics cleanroom.
–  Get the inside scoop on how a computer works.
–  Take your picture with an infrared camera.
–  See if you can power a TV by pedaling a bicycle-driven generator.
–  View the hidden – and beautiful – world of microbes through powerful microscopes.
–  Create an egg protector and see if it survives a trip down a zip line.
–  Build a skyscraper with Legos.
–  Listen to classic rhymes and folklore in Spanish.
–  Make a paper puppet of the Dragon of Cracow, a legendary character familiar to Polish children.
–  Watch UT students perform scenes from Shakespeare.
–  Watch as UT law students conduct a trial of Gold E. Locks in a real courtroom.
–  March with the Longhorn Band.
See the Full Schedule
Check the Explore UT website,, for a full schedule of activities. Download a printer-friendly version of the complete Explore UT schedule.
Barbara Langham
Explore UT communications consultant
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