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Gifted Matters: October 2012

October 11, 2012
Sorry — there was a problem with the password protection on this newsletter.  It has been updated.  If you have difficulties accessing these articles and you are a member of CGA, please contact us.
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Dear CGA Member,

We welcome you to this October 2012 edition of our newsletter. In this edition, we are extremely pleased to kick off  our new series of articles “Gifted Educators”, with a profile on the wonderful Donnette Alexander (AP/IB Economics at CHS)- Gifted Educators- Donnette Alexander

You may have heard the term “Twice Exceptional” but what does that really mean? Find out in the article Twice Exceptional(2e): Gifted with Learning Differences. Over the course of the next few months, CGA will be researching topics regarding 2e children, and in honor of National Dyslexia Month, we will also tell you what it means to be Twice Exceptional(2e):  Gifted with Dyslexia

How do you inspire creativity in children? Our first speaker in our Speaker Series, Jan DeLisle, will be talking about just that, on October 25th, and we will give you the opportunity to Learn more about our Oct CGA speaker Jan DeLisle

And speaking of creativity, this is the time of year when children start forming their teams for DI, but what does DI actually do for your kids? We have for you a parent’s perspective on DI, and why, in the end, like any other team activity, it is not about winning the ultimate prize, but about learning how to work with your peers to get to the best possible outcome. Read all about it in Destination Imagination- A Parent’s perspective

Last month we introduced you to our CGA board members; this month we are giving you the opportunity to Get to know your Campus Reps

Entries for our 5th annual Creative Writing Competition are due on Dec 5,2012. Here’s what else we have in store for you in the next couple of months- Upcoming events

We hope that you’ll enjoy the information included in this newsletter.  We’d love to have your feedback on how we are doing, and what you’d like to read about in the future. Additionally, if you know of an educator who you feel is making a significant difference, do let us know; we would be happy to consider including them as one of the educators to profile in our new series.

Email us, comment on the blog or Facebook, or contact your campus rep.

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