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Educators Received Scholarships to attend TAGT

November 15, 2012

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented puts on an annual conference focused on educating teachers and parents about the latest in gifted education. CGA has the honor of sending 26 CISD educators this year to the conferences. TAGT will be right here in Dallas. This year’s scholarship recipients are:
Dr Marilyn Dennison (CISD Asst. Supt. for Curriculum and Instruction)
Thom Hulme (Board of Trustees)
Kristen Brown (Dir of Advanced Academics)
Stacy Harris (CCE)
Melanie Ringman (CMSN)
Kimberly Pope (CMSN)
Torrin Garrison (CCE)
Kristy Cash (Wilson)
Rhomda Pickrell (Pinkerton)
Lisa Timmerman (Lakeside)
Angela Geiger (CMSN)
Amber Shoup (Lakeside)
Laila Sanguras (CMSW)
Tracey Kling (Pinkerton/Valley Ranch)
Carol Smith (DCE)
Devan Moline (Lakeside)
Kathryn McMacken (Mockingbird)
Nick Coenraad (Wilson)
Colleen White (Wilson)
Blair Williams (Lakeside)
Gayla Cockrell (Lakeside)
Anthony Smith (Lakeside)
Jo LeBlanc (Wilson)
Amy Hull (Wilson)
Kimberly Finke (CMSN)
Robyn Wallace (CMSN)

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