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Gifted Matters: November 2012

December 18, 2012

We welcome you to this November 2012 edition of our newsletter.We are thrilled to announce a new series of essays which will highlight our Young Achievers- current or past students of CHS or NTH@C, who have been outstanding learners and role models, and who we believe, are on the path to a successful future. In this issue, we feature an essay by 2010 CHS graduate and Young Achiever- Satvika Ananthanarayan.

TAGT (Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented) puts on an annual conference focused on educating teachers and parents about the latest in gifted education. This year, the conference is right here in Dallas, and CGA has the honor of sending 26 CISD educators to attend it. Here is a list of this year’s scholarship recipients.

Our November Gifted Educators series has a profile on New Tech High Biotech Ethics teacher Wes Vanicek; a teacher who is not afraid to try new things, who understands that teaching subjects in isolation is not really preparing them for real world challenges, and who believes that there is no better tool to learning than practical, relevant, hands-on knowledge.

Last month we talked about what it means to be Twice Exceptional (2e) and 2e: Gifted with Dyslexia. Over the course of the next few months, CGA will continue to research topics regarding 2e children; our topic this month covers Twice Exceptional (2e):  Gifted with ADHD.

Every year, at around this time, gifted and talented 7th graders are invited to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP). To qualify, your 7th grader must take either the ACT or the SAT test. How do you go about making the decision on whether to let your child participate in the talent search? Which test should your child sign up for? Read more about it in the article Duke TIP and the SAT for 7th graders.

Entries for our 5th annual Creative Writing Competition are due on Dec 5,2012. Here’s what else we have in store for you in the next couple of months- Upcoming events

We hope that you’ll enjoy the information included in this newsletter.  We’d love to have your feedback on how we are doing, and what you’d like to read about in the future.

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