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Tracy Fisher receives TAGT Parent of the Gifted Award

December 18, 2012

Tracy Fisher- Place 4 CandidateCGA is proud to announce that Tracy Fisher recently received the 2012 Parent of the Gifted Award from the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

To say Tracy is a gifted education parent advocate is an understatement. Tracy sees gifted education as a calling and has a deep rooted passion for meeting the needs of gifted individuals.  As founder of the Coppell Gifted Association in 2006, Tracy has worked tirelessly to improve the education of gifted students.  Through her many hours and countless efforts, CGA has grown to one of the largest gifted education advocacy groups in Texas and is the envy of many school districts around the state.  Members of CGA include people from all areas of education – parents, teachers, administrators and board of trustees.  While this partnership is highly commendable, it is the positive results the partnership yields which make CGA a key player in our district and area.  Tracy is one of the main reasons for the success and viability of this partnership.

Tracy frequently references the quote by Yeats, “Education is not filling the pail, but lighting a fire.”  She promotes meeting the gifted child where they are to ignite that fire and meet their needs.  Tracy is also a believer in educator professional development.  This belief drove her to start MOSAIC (Marvelous Opportunities Scheduled as Individual Courses), a student enrichment program for those interested in attending courses like rocketry, chess and creative writing.  Tens of thousands of dollars have been raised through this highly successful and emulated program.  Thanks to this fundraising effort, CGA has been able to offer over 200 scholarships to Coppell ISD educators to attend a wide range of conferences in gifted education throughout the state and U.S.  Tracy believes a teacher who is trained in gifted education can directly impact every gifted student they “touch” on a daily basis.

In addition to her local dedication, Tracy is also active at the state level of gifted education where she serves on the TAGT Board as a Parent Advocate Board Member.  She values this role at the state level where she can learn more about other areas of Texas as well as share what is happening in Coppell and North Texas with others in TAGT.

Tracy Fisher exemplifies and surpasses all of the qualities of the TAGT Parent of the Gifted Award.  CGA is proud and grateful for her efforts, as we would not be the organization we are today without her tireless leadership.  Congratulations, Tracy, for your outstanding work and dedication in meeting the unique needs of gifted and talented individuals!

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