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Summer Mosaic Spotlight: Money

May 15, 2013

mosaic spotlight

$$$$$ Learn about the secrets of MONEY $$$$$

Kids, have you been disappointed when you ran out of money at book fair because you forgot you needed to add tax ? Have you wondered why your mom will just not buy you that new set of ultra cool Dr Dre Beats because the “budget does not allow it”? Have you wondered how you can get a job or how you can open a bank account? And who in the world is interested in that thing called compound interest?

Have all your money-related questions answered. See why students call this class, conducted by Capital Clique  ”Brilliant, Dynamic, Exciting, Intellectually Stimulating and Life-changing!”

  • Learn the secrets of money and how to make it work for you!big_money
  • Study the benefits of saving and investing NOW!
  • Learn about goal setting, making money, spending wisely, applying for a job, understanding paychecks and taxes, managing a budget, making money with money through assets, and much more!
  • You’ll be ready to help with the family budget, open an investment account and see the power of compound interest over time.
  • Games, competitions, role play and group activities.

Learn how to tell your money where to go, than wonder where it went. Join the Capital Clique journey to financial freedom NOW.

MOSAIC (Capital Clique) Money Course:

June 17-22, 2013 

  • 6th-8th grade- 9-10.30 a.m
  • 4th-6th grade- 10.30-noon

July 22-26, 2013

  •  4th-6th grade- 9-10.30 a.m
  • 6th-8th grade- 10.30-noon
Conducted by Capital Clique for MOSIAC. Capital Clique conforms to TEKS and Jump$tart Standards for Financial Literacy!

Click here for more details on this course and all our other amazing Summer Mosaic offerings.

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