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Teacher scholarships for Summer 2013 announced

May 16, 2013

The CGA board believes that one of the best ways to improve education for GT students is to provide opportunities for educators to learn about gifted education. With that in mind, the primary focus of CGA fundraising efforts is to fund scholarships for CISD educators to attend gifted conferences.

Over the past 6 years, the Coppell Gifted Association has provided scholarships to almost 200 CISD personnel who wished to attend conferences to expand their knowledge-base in the area of GT education. To date, the scholarship program has benefitted, to name a few, teachers at all levels, administrators, librarians, and counselors.

CGA is extremely excited to announce that the CGA Scholarship Grant Committee has reviewed and approved educator scholarships for summer 2013.  Five teachers from CISD (2 from CMSE, 2 CMSN, 1 CMSW) will benefit from this program, for a total of almost $8,675. The Conferences they will be attending include Confratute in CT, National Conference on Differentiated Instruction in Las Vegas, and World Council for GT Childrens Conference in Louisville, KY. 

Please join us as we congratulate…

  • Kim Pope 7/8 GT Social Studies (CMSN): Ms. Pope wants to attend the National Conference on Differentiated Instruction in Las Vegas because with the new 3E flipped initiative at North, she is rolling out phase 3 of the plan fall of 2013 which is about enrichment. She “wants to stay current and relevant with her learners and what their growing needs are.”
  • Melanie Ringman,  7/8 GT LA (CMSN): Ms. Ringman feels that this same conference “will allow me(her) to gain powerful tools and resources for planning and implementing authentic differentiated instruction in my(her) classroom, and will remove the limit on what students can learn.”
  • Laila Sanguras, GT LA & Multimedia teacher (CMSW): Ms. Sanguras is excited about her first time attending the upcoming World Council for GT Childrens Conference in Louisville, KY.  The focus of this conference is ‘Celebrating Giftedness and Creativity.’  She intends on submitting a presentation on ‘Teaching Literature Creatively’ so she can share her knowledge while learning as well.   She “suspects that this conference will be enlightening and invigorating, and attending will give me(her) ideas on how to strengthen my(her) role as an advocate for gifted learners.”
  • Todd Norris 7/8 Pre-Ap Math (CMSE) and Tyler Horner 6th grade GT Social Studies (CMSE): This is Todd Norris’ first year teaching and first scholarship from the CGA.  He will be joined by Tyler Horner.  They will mostly attend different sessions focusing on differentiated instruction, instructional and cluster grouping, underachievement, and  GT humanities.  Mr. Norris would like his classroom environment to continue to work towards “students will accomplish more academically if they can become contributors and producers to their own education rather than just being receivers and consumers.”  He is anxious to network and learn new strategies from other teachers.  Mr. Horner is looking forward to taking what he learns at conference and “brainstorming with Mr. Norris on ways we(he) can cross-curricularly meet the needs of GT students.” He would like to “continue to reinvent my (his) teaching style to foster creativity in the classroom as well as understand the unique gifts of every child.”
Congratulations again to all the recipients. We hope that each of these educators will be able to apply their learnings from these conferences to further enrich and benefit our CISD gifted learners.
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