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“Possibilities are limitless” says CISD Director of Advanced Academics

January 2, 2014

The Coppell ISD (CISD) has presented a “Vision of Tomorrow” which detailed plans for its Education Curriculum with an emphasis on the future uses of Technology. They delivered thirty minute versions of their presentation on multiple dates in December on a variety of campuses. Deana Harrell, CISD Director of Advanced Academics, recorded her overview of the CISD’s presentation specifically for CGA Members, and she included details on Gifted and Talented Education. The CGA encourages you to view Deana’s presentation.

The District’s next step is soliciting input from parents and the community in a series of two hour “Idea Summits”, to be held Jan. 15th, 16th, & 17th. Details on those meetings can be found here: .

Deana D. Harrell
Director of Advanced Academics
Coppell Independent School District

Main video:

Note: Everything does not allow for embedded videos, so please stop the presentation at slide 2 and watch the You Tube video below with the perspective of our learners. They are amazing!

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