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Meet the School Board Candidates

March 21, 2014

Want to meet the School Board Candidates?

Come to the Creative Writing Book Release Party  on April 3rd at 5:30pm.  Amy Dungan, Jeff Jordan, and Thom Hulme have all been invited.  The candidates will have a few minutes to talk about themselves and will be there before and afterwards to answer questions and visit.

If you can’t make the event, learn more about them through our CGA communications.  We’ve asked them to answer the questions below and will post them in April.

What is your experience with gifted education?

How do you think CISD has done with gifted education and what do you think they could do better?

What is your opinion of ability grouping? What do you think about cluster grouping at CISD Elementary schools?

How would you address the funding gap for continuing education needs in GT?

How will you assess whether or not the district is meeting the needs of gifted learners?

After you get to know the candidates, don’t forget the most important part, GET OUT AND VOTE!

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