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Carol Smith, CISD GTi Educator retiring after 21 years

May 12, 2014

Carol Smith, CISD GTi Educator, is retiring after 21 years. She has focused on working with gifted children, and always viewed their needs as that of a kindred spirit.

As a student, I was in “those” classes growing up but it wasn’t as cool to be smart as it is today… . I have a heart for the gifted because I know what it felt like in school to be different and to think differently. Just because we are smart does not mean we know everything and we need to be instructed also. — Carol Smith

She has been an avid promoter of GT education — attending numerous gifted conferences and supporting CGA. Ms. Smith has touched the lives of hundreds of kids at both Wilson and Denton Creek Elementary.

Please join us at a celebration honoring

Carol Smith
May 27, 2014
Denton Creek Elementary Library

  Carol Smith

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