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We Need You Next School Year!!

May 15, 2014

Are you interested in getting more involved in CGA? We’d love to have your time, passion, and talents next year!! We have a few board positions available and several Campus Rep positions open. For all of these positions, the current board member is willing and available to train you.

Board Positions:

eBlast – This is a super easy very minimal time position the produces our eBlasts that go out once or twice a month.  It takes about 1-2 hours per month. You’ll need to learn Vertical Response, which is fairly easy. Our current eBlast board members will train you. You need to be organized, comfortable with a computer, and passionate about gifted education. This is a board position, but it wouldn’t be mandatory to attend the meetings.  Works closely with Publicity, Newsletter, Student Events, Speakers, Scholarships, and the President. [UPDATE: This position has now been filled.]

Publicity – This is a fun and dynamic position that publicizes the events that CGA puts on. It takes 5-8 hours per month.   You’ll make flyers for events, get them approved by the district, email to Campus reps, print for Campus Reps, email to PTO newsletters, post to social media, post to, send to local newspapers, and basically just promote our Student Events, Speaker Series, and MOSAIC.  This is a board position.  It’s not mandatory to attend board meetings, but it would make your job easier if you attend or at least read the minutes so you know what you need to publicize.  It is also beneficial to pop into the Communications Meetings to promote directly to the Campus Reps. You’ll work closely with Student Events, Speakers, Newsletter, eBlast, MOSAIC, and the President.

Newsletter – If you enjoy writing, this is a very fun position that takes anywhere from 1-10 hours per month.  While we do get articles from other sources, the Newsletter person ends up writing some too.  Basically, their job is to compile the articles into individual blog posts on the CGA website for the newsletter and then write an intro.  Then, the eBlast person sends it out. If you enjoy writing, you’ll have lots of opportunities to write about current GT topics and interview local teachers and administrators. But, you don’t have to write. If you don’t enjoy writing, you’ll want to be good at recruiting people to write for you from the board, campuses, and even CISD.  Much like Publicity, this is a board position that doesn’t mandate your attendance at board meetings, but it will help you know what’s going on and make your job easier. You’ll work closely with eBlast and the President.

Campus Rep Positions:

Our Campus Reps are the link between CGA and the individual campuses. This is a great way to get more involved! Here is a general job description:

  • Attend Communications Committee meetings (1st Thursday of each month 9-11a). The CISD Director of Advanced Academics typically attends these meetings. Hearing her talk about what is going on in the district is the #1 perk of this job.
  • Introduce yourself as the CGA campus rep to GT teacher(s), counselor(s) and principal.
  • Introduce yourself as the CGA campus rep to parents of GT students at campus. Be a campus resource for parents and students.
  • Organize at least one information, social event for GT parents and/or students at campus (coffee, game night, etc.).
  • Distribute information about CGA and CGA events.
  • Elementary reps: deliver flyers to your GT teacher if requested and offer to help distribute.
  • All: email CISD Approved electronic version of flyers to GT Specialists (elementary), GT teacher contacts (MS and HS) and cc principal.
  • Place “CGA Event Tonight” signs at your campus morning of a CGA event and pick them up after.
  • Meet/email GT specialist or GT Teacher contact and Principal to share CGA news and to collect campus info to share with CGA.
  • Serve as a liaison between CGA Library Coordinator and members who borrow books from CGA library.
  • Provide at least one “story” for the CGA website.
  • Complete action items that arise at Communications Committee meetings or from Board.
  • Serve on other CGA committees as needed.
  • Attend CGA programs when possible.

The following campus have openings for a Campus Rep: Coppell Middle School West, Austin Elementary, Denton Creek Elementary, Town Center Elementary, and Wilson Elementary.

The following campuses may end up having an opening or has a rep that is fine with staying and/or fine with letting someone else new take over: New Tech High @ Coppell and Coppell Middle School East.

Coppell Middle School North has an opening for an Assistant Campus Rep. The existing Campus Rep will remain in place for the 14/15 school year and train you to take over for the 15/16 school year.

And, we have an opening for a Communications Committee Secretary. You’d attend the Communications Committee meetings each month and take minutes.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these positions, please email Amanda O’Neal-Brummitt at


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