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Book Talk (Jan 2015): “Smart Talk” and “More Than a Test Score”

January 10, 2015


booktalkThe Coppell Gifted Association lending library features a selection of books and DVDs on parenting and education, especially in the area of giftedness. The range of books covers varied topics such as the parenting the gifted child, addressing the social and emotional needs of gifted children and adults, college planning for gifted kids, bullying, and a lot more. In each edition of our series “Book Talk”, we will highlight one or two of the books in our library. We hope you will use our CGA Library- a valuable resource, available exclusively for CGA members.

 This month we present two books written by Robert A. Schultz and James R. Delisle. Our first spotlight book is “Smart Talk- What Kids Say About Growing Up Gifted”. Based on a survey of thousands of young people around the world, it provides an insight into the challenges gifted kids face- like trying to fit in, dealing with adult expectations, and being bored at school. It tells kids that it is smarttalkokay to be different. Smart Talk lets you have a small glimpse, a little idea, of what is going on inside the head of the gifted child.

Some quotes from the book-

“I’m just a kid a little out of the ordinary. I don’t look at myself as a rocket scientist or a genius.”

“I think gifted is another term for a different mind; a significant mind.”

“I’m different. Let’s leave it at that. I’m just different.”

“I’d like to learn about how dogs think.”

Our second spotlight book by the same authors is “More than a Test Score”. In this book, teens talk about being Gifted, Talented or otherwise Extra-Ordinary. Once again, this book is based on a survey of thousands of gifted teens around the world. These teens talk about what it means to be gifted- and how it feels to be left out, overwhelmed by expectations, underwhelmed by school and passionate about strange topics that others think are weird.

Some quotes from the book-


“Giftedness means you can think on your feet, be creative, and express yourself.”

“The classes need to challenge us but they also need to offer a relaxed atmosphere so we can actually have a little fun in school.”

“Let me move at my own pace. Don’t find me busywork to do while everyone else catches up. Don’t expect me to go slower to stay with the group”



Both these books reassure kids that they are not alone, even though being gifted may make them feel that they are different from other kids of their age.

Click here to check out this and other available books from our lending library. Exclusively for our CGA members only. If you are interested in borrowing a book or DVD, please contact your campus rep or CGA Librarian.

 Is there a book you would like to read but is not in our library? Get in touch with the CGA Librarian; we are currently on the look-out for new and interesting books to add to our collection

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