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CGA Sponsored TAGT Luncheon Much Appreciated

January 10, 2015

Coppell Gifted Association furthers our mission of supporting gifted kids, their parents and educators by providing scholarships to CISD educators to attend training in gifted education. We realized at the start of our organization that educators do not receive much information from their teacher colleges about the field of GT.

The annual conference hosted by the Texas Association of Gifted and Talented (TAGT) is one of  the best opportunities for educators to learn about gifted and talented education in our state. We were fortunate that their conference was held in Fort Worth this school year, allowing many of our educators the ability to attend.  In addition to providing scholarships for a record number (56!) of Coppell ISD teachers and administrators at the TAGT Professional Annual Conference in early December, CGA was pleased to provide first day attendees a catered lunch at the conference site.

The luncheon offered a wonderful opportunity for like-minded educators to share a meal with each other and some of our CGA leadership team. Strong support for the event was evidenced by the attendance of Dr Waldrip (CISD Superintendent), Marilyn Denison (Asst Superintendent for Curriculum), and of course, Deana Harrell (Director of Advanced Academics for CISD).  The majority of the campuses of CISD had a representative in attendance.

The excitement among all the attendees about what they had already learned at their session that morning and what they were looking forward to attending was contagious! It was especially wonderful to hear that most of the sessions had a CISD educator attending, with plans to share information in a session back in Coppell, organized by Deana Harrell.

“Thank you” was expressed to CGA over and over by the very appreciative attendees. With that, CGA would  like to pass a huge “thank you” on to all of our members. Without your membership and support, we would not be able to provide such a unique contribution to help our learners! Your continued support of CGA allows us to further our mission and beliefs! Please contact your campus liaison for information on how to get more involved in CGA.

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