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24 hour programming event for High School Students

June 16, 2015

Code All Night is Dallas’s first high school focused summer hackathon

Hosted by members of SecondGen, CANHacks brings all of Dallas Area high schools together in one exciting 24-hour event. Make your app, website, or machine a reality with the help of experienced mentors, structured classes, and like-minded peers. Ever had that app, website, or machine you wanted to build but didn’t know where to start? Have you ever wanted to jump into the world of programming and show off an awesome product to your friends? Now is your chance. CANHacks is designed to help students take their first steps into the world of computer science and programming. You’ll have tons of mentors and like-minded peers to help you through the process of making your dream into a reality (not to mention the thousands of dollars in cash and physical prizes for the best products).

Code All Night, will take place July 24th and will be a 24 hr competition. The event will take place at 1201 International Parkway, Richardson, TX. This will be Dallas’s first high school focused summer hackathon. In this event, computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, and project managers who are all in high school will collaborate intensively and produce software projects such as: games,applications, robots, and a ton of other engineering projects. The competition is focused on high School students, but college students are invited as well, and beginner to advanced programmers are invited as there will be workshops for beginners to create games with not much programming experience required.

Please click here for more information:

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