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CHS Theatre presents BIG FISH

October 18, 2015

Big Fish, the 2015 fall musical presented by the talented CHS Theatre Department, explores the complicated relationship between a father and his gifted son.

Edward, a traveling salesman, returns from his life on the road with tales of witches, mermaids, giants and a werewolf. He tells his son, Will, about his adventures with the enthusiasm and detail of a great storyteller. 

Will is a precocious boy who would rather discuss fusion and The Iliad than listen to another fantastic story told by his father. As he grows older, Will resents that his dad missed much of his childhood and wants to connect with Edward before the birth of his own son.

Don’t miss this funny, touching, family-friendly musical. Tickets on sale beginning October 19, 2015. More information at:

Big Fish poster

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