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TAGT Family Night – Oct 7, 2015 Recap

November 6, 2015

TAGT Family Night 


TAGT Family Night held for the FIRST TIME EVER on October 7th, 2015 was an interesting night with great topics covered by good speakers. We had teachers, parents and children participate n the event. While parents took advantage of the sessions kids had a great time participating in 3 different activities offered to them. Some of the families took advantage of the food trucks that came to CHS.

The sessions covered varied topics. Here is a brief summary of the topics an the presenters.

Understanding Social and Emotional Needs: Intensity and Overexcitabilities” and facilitate an open discussion about giftedness.  by James Bishop. Bishop is a licensed professional counselor intern at Fundamental Foundations Counseling, where he specializes in gifted children, adolescents, and adults. He is a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas, with a focus in giftedness and talent development.

Noel Jett spoke on “11 Things to Never Say to a Gifted Person.” Jett is a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas, with a focus on gifted education. She received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University at age 16. Her research interests include mental health in the gifted community, gifted families and parenting, and advanced curriculum.

Advocating = Learning” will cover a wide range of helpful resources for parents of gifted students. “Hidden Exceptionalities” is about recognizing the signs of some “unrecognizable” exceptionalities such as rare disabilities and disorders. Both these sessions were covered by Oveross who is a doctoral student in Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas with a focus on gifted education. She is the Gifted Community Engagement Coordinator for E.A. Young Academy. Her research interests include parenting, preschool gifted education, and  sexuality of gifted and talented students.

Tracy Weinberg is the Education Director of TAGT, where he worked since 2000. He has many years of classroom experience, including 15 years as a teacher/coordinator of gifted services. He is also the parent of a gifted daughter, now a young adult. His session was “Appropriate Advocacy.”

Thank you to all the families that came in to take advantage of the opportunity.

Here are a couple of pictures from the night



Registration Table


CISD Teachers at the TAGT Family night



Welcome address



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