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2015-16 Creative Writing Competition Update

December 17, 2015

We received 614 entries in the competition this year. More students participated than ever before!

The judges are currently reviewing the entries. Final results will be posted in early February 2016.

Special thanks to our judges for all their help making this event possible!


Esteemed judges:

  • Donna Albritton
  • Matt Bowden
  • Ann Carlsson
  • Heather Cato
  • Daniela Emmerich
  • Kimberley Fleischer
  • Lynette Fortson
  • Eileen Fox
  • Rebecca Garrett
  • Billie Hara
  • Tess Haranda
  • Alex Holmes
  • Brad Hunt
  • Jennifer Judd
  • Teri Keith
  • Traci Kernion
  • Kolby Kerr
  • Ayesha Khan
  • Sabrina Khan
  • Devon Kirk
  • Cassandra Knight
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Taylor Miles
  • Mel Mollick
  • Diane Moore
  • Marly Natherson
  • Vijaya Pusuluri
  • Laura Sanders
  • Kimberley Schrader
  • Carol Smith
  • Kim Smith
  • Liz Tanner
  • Lisa Timmerman
  • Victoria Tong
  • Penny Tramel
  • Sarah Wise

Watch our website for more information. Best of luck!!

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