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Creative Writing Competition Results to be posted soon

February 2, 2016

We are in the final stages of the judging process. Please be patient. Sometimes the process takes longer than anticipated.

Currently, we are calculating the results and checking the entries that have been selected as finalists for plagiarism, parental involvement, and other rule violations. After that is completed, I will prepare awards certificates and deliver them to your CGA campus rep. Then, the results will be posted on the CGA website. I know you are still wondering WHEN are the results going to be posted. My hope is to have the results distributed by February 12, 2016. Sometimes there are things that happen beyond my control.

Regardless of what happens, congratulations to all of you who submitted your entries. It takes character and confidence to put your personal work out there for others to read. Don’t be deterred, our judging is subjective — you are certainly familiar with examples of others who were rejected by publishers only to later find an audience. You are amazing authors. Keep writing! We all benefit from hearing your voice.

Our book release party will be at CHS on April 11. Mark your calendar. More details to come!

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