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Creative Writing Update: 2016-17 competition

December 20, 2016

We received 618 entries this year. Congrats to everyone who entered! We are so proud of you for sharing your passion and your voice.

Our judges are hard at work. Results will be posted in early February 2017 at our website. If you have questions in the meantime, or wish to judge, please let me know. Elizabeth Chappell:

In my inbox this morning from one of our amazing judges:

Although not a poet by any stretch, I enjoyed reading these pieces by these students. I chose these top five because of their insight into life and the resolve they have to deal with their issues. It was very, very difficult to score these from 1-5. Each of these themes are human challenges we all face, not just as teenagers, but throughout our life. I was really touched by their level of maturity and their approach to expressing their thoughts and feelings, for the most part, in just a few succinct paragraphs. Not easy to do. I applaud you all and want you to know I truly was impressed with your words!!

Please let all the students know that their work was appreciated. Putting your heart, your thoughts, your feelings on paper is difficult and makes you vulnerable and human.

Congratulations to ALL for being chosen to share your work in this format. Keep writing daily!! It is a great means of expression, of reflection, and of resolving inner conflict. Well done!!

— Cheryl Locklear, former principal of Austin Elementary,
retired after 19 years in CISD

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