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Creative Writing Competition Campus Contacts

CISD Campus Contacts

You may submit hard copies of your entries to the following people on your campus. Please do not forget to fill out the on-line form and attach your submission. If you do not attend CISD, please contact Elizabeth Chappell for submission instructions.

Coppell High—————Gina Peddy
New Tech High————Kim Wootton
Coppell Middle (East)—-Heather Aston
Coppell Middle (North)–Shelby Jones
Coppell Middle (West)—Laurel Kron
Austin————————Cathy Kirby
Cottonwood Creek——–Stephanie Hammons
Denton Creek————–Stacey Martin-Cates
Lakeside———————Stacie Nickols
Mockingbird—————-Kathryn McMacken
Pinkerton——————-Tracey McGlothlin
Town Center—————Jana Scott
Valley Ranch————–Linda Mulkey
Wilson————————Carol Smith

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