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Board Members / Campus Representatives

  • The Board Members meet six times a year, typically every other month, with attendance required for elected officers, but optional for appointed officers.  Additional meetings may be scheduled if needed.
  • The Campus Representatives meet once a month during the academic year as part of the Communications Committee which strives to: improve communication among the district and each campus about academic matters related to GT student development and performance through curriculum and instructions, encourage and advocate for the development of GT student potential, where support is needed, and inspire parents to participate with the school district in the promotion of advanced academics.   The representatives have a child who attends the school they represent.
  • The terms of office for Board Members and Campus Representatives coincide with the academic year.  For more specific information about the offices and their duties, please refer to the CGA bylaws on the “About” page.
  • Other than paying membership dues, there are no officer requirements besides a sincere desire to foster gifted and talented education within Coppell and beyond.  The person(s) who serves as President, however, must have previously served on the CGA board in another capacity.

2013 – 14 Elected Board Officers

2013 – 14 Appointed Board Officers

2013 – 14 Campus Representatives

To volunteer, please contact Amanda O’Neal-Brummitt.  More opportunities may become available so please check back frequently.

To contact webmaster

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