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5 Reasons to Attend TAMS

January 9, 2009

The Texas Academy of Math & Science is a residential program for gifted high school juniors and seniors at UNT in Denton. They take college classes, from college professors, with college students. They pay room and board and a program fee, but tuition is FREE.

Why would a student want to attend TAMS?

  1. To perform real research projects on math and science topics with professors, and maybe even get published or win the Intel or Siemens competition. (A TAMS student won the $100,000 Siemens competition grand prize this year.)
  2. To take higher level math classes not offered at CHS, like Linear Algebra and Real Analysis.
  3. To choose friends from 370 gifted dormmates.
  4. To earn two full years of college credit before graduating from high school, without going to summer school and without paying any tuition.
  5. To benefit from a college counselor who is focused on helping 200 highly talented students get into the selective college of their dreams and who has “been there, done that”.

CGA will have a speaker at the February 9th meeting to talk aboutTAMS or you can read more at

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