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2009 Kettler Award Winner – Stacie Nickols

September 26, 2009
CGA Co-Presidents Julie Madigan and Lian Loop with Kettler Award Winner Stacie Nickols (center)

CGA Co-Presidents Julie Madigan and Lian Loop with Kettler Award Winner Stacie Nickols (center)

Every year, CGA recognizes someone who is a great supporter of gifted education in Coppell ISD with the Kettler Award which is named for Todd Kettler, the current CISD Director of Advanced Academics.  CGA is happy to announce that Stacie Nickols, the GT Specialist at Lakeside Elementary, is the 2009 Kettler Award recipient.  She has served her students as the GT Specialist since 2001, and prior to that, was a classroom teacher for 15 years in 1st and 2nd grade.

Stacie exemplifies the qualities that this award celebrates.  She practices true dedication and commitment to meeting the needs of gifted students.  As one of her colleagues stated, “Stacie has been instrumental in developing curriculum for the elementary challenge program and a resource on campus for teachers seeking to differentiate for gifted learners.”  She has also gone above and beyond to support and advocate for GT students throughout the entire district as noted by this colleague, “Stacie leads professional development at her campus and across the district in gifted education, thinking maps, and write from the beginning.”  Furthermore, she is innovative, inspiring students to think out of the box by showing she can do the same in her teaching.  This was demonstrated when she was recently heard brainstorming about how technology could be utilized during Challenge University.

A parent of one of her students added, “My children have been working with Stacie for six years, and going to her classroom is one of their favorite times of the week.  We are most likely to hear about their ‘Challenge’ experiences at the dinner table more than any other school subject or activity.  They love that she empowers them to make their own unique works.  And despite the fact that their projects do not become reported grades, she, by example, inspires them to always do their best!”

Stacie’s students had lots to say about the teacher they obviously respect and adore. 

  • “Mrs. Nickols makes my brain work harder”
  • “I like Mrs. Nickols because she knows when to stop pushing us.  She also makes us do our best work.” 
  • “It is hard not to learn something in Mrs. Nickols’ room.”
  • “Mrs. Nickols is awesome!  I am glad our challenge teacher decided to be one.” 
  • “Mrs. Nickols makes me answer my own questions.”
  • “I think that Mrs. Nickols pushes us.  She’s cool because she’s one of a kind and I like her class because she makes it fun!”
  • “She expects a lot out of me even when I don’t want to do my work.”
  • “Mrs. Nickols knows something about everything.”
  • “Mrs. Nickols rocks!”
  • “I think Mrs. Nickols is a great challenge teacher because she comes up with great activities for us to do.  Mrs. Nickols is the best!”
  • “Challenge is the best part of my week.”
  • “Mrs. Nickols combines fun and learning to make me want to get up at 6:30 am to come to school.”

As one of her colleagues stated, “We are fortunate to have her serving the gifted students in Coppell ISD.”  The Coppell Gifted Association could not agree more.  CGA applauds Stacie’s intense dedication to the education of gifted students and appreciates all she does to make a difference in the lives of gifted children.

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