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Creative Writing Competition Results 2009-2010

February 14, 2010

CGA’s 2nd Annual Creative Writing Competition celebrates the young authors of Coppell. We received over 249 entries, in grades 3-12, in the categories of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and Graphic Novel/Comic. The winners and honorable mentions will be published in a book that is currently in the works. Congratulations to everyone who participated. The competition was stiff this year, and we want to thank our special judges:

  • Kim Smith: author of Sydney Wakefield, Into the Faraway
  • Matt Bowden: Coppell High School Teacher
  • Gina Peddy: Coppell High School Dean of Instruction
  • Nicole Scott: Pinkerton Teacher
  • Jill Haltom: CISD Language Arts Coordinator
  • Jennifer Judd: author
  • Jennifer Smith: author
  • Debra Marshall: Wilson Librarian
  • Carol Smith: Wilson Teacher
  • Angela Gortz: LISD Teacher

We are pleased to announce the following results (winners and honorable mentions are listed by category). We also want to acknoweldge our other participants for all of their hard work – they are listed at the bottom of this post.

Fiction 3

Kelly Wei: Nine Planet Sister Club
Honorable Mention
Sneha Shree Bhatia: The Magic Bell
Anika Biju: Gigor Goes to a Farm
Stella Yan: The Excitement Of The Year

Fiction 4

Carsyn Kennedy: Pirouettes in the Outfield
Honorable Mention
Mason Embree: The Legend of Whipped Cream
Erin Folk: Royalty in the Big City
Asad Khawaja: The Great Drought
Maydha Kohli: From a Napkin’s Point of View
Sloane Parker: I’m a What?!
Ashna Pathan: A Race to the Key

Fiction 5

Nikita Belathur: The Monster of the Himalayas
Honorable Mention
Rhea Bachani: The Witch Does Live Here
Shayna Davis: Fire Blossom Island
Maddie D’Iorio: The Vanishing Vampires
Asad Lakhani: The Race
Amela Pjetrovic: The Clouds Move Me
Magdalena Theel: On Top of the World

Fiction 6

Adreesh Roy: Two Moons over Earth
Honorable Mention
Emma Carpenter: The Story of Avian McQueen
Amanda Conrath: Keir Grace, Son of Hades
Aisha Espinosa: A Mage’s Tale
Eugene Han: Realistic Fiction: Alien Nightmare
Saman Hemani: Journey to the Underworld
Jasmine Johnson: Annesty: The Goddess of Family
Blair Kingsley: The Life of a Teenage Demigod
Bobby Shi: Planet Bobbyisawesome
Martha Vertti: Jolene Lee Wilde: Daughter of Apollo

Fiction 7-9

Aimee Hyndman (9): The Written Promise
Honorable Mention
Kelly Hall (7): The Field
Alisha Kalangara (7): The Discovery of a Lifetime
Alley Mason (7): The Thriller Legend
Rohan Panaparambil (7): Home Sweet Home
Roberto Williams (8): The Chariot

Fiction 10-12

Hillary Prince (11): The Life of Faith Hamilton
Honorable Mention
Cody Davis (10): Illusion
Ashleigh Heaton (11): The Current
Sarah Margaret Pittman (12): A Charming Tale
Matt Robinson (11): Historical Fiction: Through the Eyes of Jamestown
Shehryar Siddiqui (11): The Island

Graphic Novel

Revant Ranjan (5): Monsterland
Honorable Mention
Aishwarya Addepalli (5): The Adventures of Funny Bunny
Arvind Arunachalam (4): Mr. Stickman the Amazing Stickman
Nicholas Boyd (3): My Great Buckeye Adventure
Shreya Chandrasekar (7): The Day in the Life of the Swine Flu
Chaeyeon Han (3): Forgettable Mabel
Vikram Murugan (4): Super Penguin Saves Antarctica
Bhargav Nallanthighal (5): Bigg Facts
Sagar Ramesh (7): Mouse Wars
Riley Sanders (4): The Power of Food
Reid Valentine (4): Sitting On Top Of The World
Jefferson Ye (4): Mr. Stickman the Amazing Stickman

Non-fiction Elementary

Shruti Vellaturi (4): Save Our Dear Earth
Honorable Mention
Courtney Chen (3): Olive’s Adventure
Zachary Eckley (4): Ink
Tayla Karkabi (5): Jeita and Me
Sara Koh (4): My Sister’s Long Journey to Our Family
Trinity Sullivan (5): An Amazing Birth

Non-Fiction Middle

Madeline Reeves (7): Blinking in the Brooklyn Night
Honorable Mention
Yashvanth Aravindan (6): Cruise to Bahamas
Kevin Chow (8): The Wonders of Environmental Engineering

Non-fiction High

Ashleigh Heaton (11): When She Came Home
Honorable Mention
Diana Abou-Saleh (12): “No Stability” Spell
Tarek Elmougy (11): Effects of British taxation throughout the Early American Colonies
Priya Gupta (10): Sublime versus Beautiful Speech
Sophia Masrour (9): The one day that really opened my eyes

Poetry 3

Elizabeth Fullwood: My Body
Honorable Mention
Joseph Koh: My Baby Sister, Rebecca
Dedeepya Madineni: The Queen
Kentaro Okochi: Goo

Poetry 4

Catherine Stuart: Snow
Honorable Mention
Bharathi Caldwell: A true friend
Elena Gillis: Flower-ish’
Izzy Hall: America the Proud Poems: Summer day
Abbie Hall: Baby Birds
Ashwin Kumar: Mom
Michael Quirk: Monster’s Bed Honorable Mention
Allie Saunders: Dad chaperones the dance
Reid Valentine: Thanksgiving

Poetry 5

Erin Jordan: Your Salty Sea
Honorable Mention
Adrian Crawford: The Wind that Blows
Sonja Feaster: The Keys of Life
Paige Haas: Friendship
Bilal Haque: Why is Y?
Lauren Harris: I Strum My Life Like a Guitar
Beatriz Raroque: Rollercoaster
Gabriela Saldivar: Your Bridge
Philip Smith: Metaphorical Poem
Kyle Whiting: The Ocean

Poetry Middle

Katy Li (8): Hatchling
Honorable Mention
Dylan Airey (8): Night-A Poetic Response
Linda Castranova (6): Potatoes
Abigale Clayton (7): Water & Love
Ashlyn Huang (8): The Four Seasons
Vinay Kalvacherla (6): Day and Night

Poetry High

Ana Nino (11): Gray
Honorable Mention
Jessica Chavarro (9): In the Wind
Aadam Husain (9): Sunset
Benjamin Varughese (9): The Soldier Among Us
Sean Rea (10): The First Flight
Conner Heckmann (11): Redeemed Flesh
Shehryar Siddiqui (11): The Illusion of Peace
Priscilla Hon (12): Human

Participants (in no particular order)

Sharonya Akula: Miss Mona Alone In a Thunderstorm
Lekhitha Ammaresh: Three Boons
Meghan Bauer: The Three Little Elephants and the Big Bad Butterfly
Lalit Bauskar: Disasters
Archishman Bhattacharyaa: Lost in Yellow Stone
Sabrina Boccalandro: The Turkey Story
Nikolas Cole: Dinosaurs Verses Magic
Caroline Ferree: Dreams do Come True
Audrey Friend: A True Heart
Matthew Gaffney: The Killer Carnival
Sol (Joanne) Hong: The Secret Receipe
Christine Ji: The School Story
Vignesh Joglekar: The Day the Clock Struck Thirteen
Julie (JiYoon) Kim: The Great Adventure
Kritima Lamichhane: Italia and Me and the Constitution
Kaila Lawton: Who Stole Ruby’s Ball?
Sarah Low: The Great Battle
Megan McGahey: The Christmas Storm
Gaby Mungo: Look at the Bright Side Kaylee
Zoya Naqvi: (untitled)
Dennis Onalaja: The Adventure of Percy Butler
Sahil Patel: D-Day
Sarah Powell: Caroline
Eric Qiu: Tom and Jerry
Venkatesh Ramesh: A Christmas Dream
Tawfeeq Shaik: Time and Space
Monica Su: Watch Out
Shruti Vellaturi: My Mysterious Friendship
Claudia Wang: The Magical Crystal
Mina Yu: Cara and Tom’s Adventure
Shruthi Sudhan: God is Great
Nishitha Abbaraju: I am a Rose
Matteo Agius-D’Arrigo: Star Wars
Seth Blackmon: Early Morning Snow
Camila Boccalandro: Come Across my Home
Briana Bohn: Bluebonnet
Sam Castranova: I Made a Mistake
Harper DeLoach: The Bench
Nakyshia Fralin: I Am
Philip Frank: Pumpkins
Matthew Gaffney: Nature’s Greatness
Jackie Hinson: City Hall
Shannon Huurman: Passing by a bad day
Rachel Ibihwiori: Spring Time
Amy Kitzman: Beaches
Kaila Lawton: Colors of My World
William Lefforge: Love
Gaby Mungo: At the Farm
Jennifer Nachazel: Hope
Sri Palavala: Art
Ashna Pathan: Seize the Moment
Wyatt Priest: Change of Seasons
Kathryn Rudd: What Life Should Be Full Of
Riley Sanders: Winter
Nate Tinger: Thanksgiving
Shruti Vellaturi: Doctor Dreams
Andrew Agius-D’Arrigo: The Brainers
Brandon Bargas: When you’re feeling down
Gabriel Boccalandro: bedroom
Taylor Dubey: Friendship Food Chain
Connor Farrell: Friendship
Payton Gesek: Rainbows
Alan Huo: Friendship is good
Nimit Kalra: Ode To Google
Rachel Kass: Life is like a Light Bulb
Kate Perlioni: Lost Shoe
Nicole Rewerts: Century
Claire Robinson: Poetry
Trinity Sullivan: A Dream
Giuliana Vargas: I Meet Someone Everyday
Collin Westcott: When You’re Feeling Bad
Connor White: The Couch
Eashana Arora: Billy’s Christmas
Rachel Hoopman: Mustangs
Meena Chidambaram: The Magic Rock
Dominick Gaffney: Idonwana Rithis
Jayashree Ganesan: The Magic Wish
Kentaro Okochi: The Fat Hyper Chihuahua
Ahilesh Vasudaven: Bob’s Rise
Aditya Addepalli: T.S.T. (Time Speed Traveler)
Madison Anderson: Love
Esther Cha: The Unexpected Accident
Justin Chen: Life or Death
Erin Crumpler: Terrified
Allison Davis: A Toothless Escape
Laurence Fairchild: The Hunt
Megha Goyal: A Trip To Space
Autumn Jones: (untitled)
Nimit Kalra: There Once Was a Big Big Ship
Divya Kolli: Ghostly Horse
Joseph Krenek: King of the Sea
Katie Langford: Very Important
Bishesh Manandhar: You Are a Winner when you do “Teamwork”
Keerthisree Raghu: Honesty is the Best Policy
Sakshi Venkatraman: Robin the Brave and Supernatural
Naureen Wajahat: One of a Kind, 2 of the Same
Luka Zrnic: Catacombs
Krishnasai Chalasani: Athens Olympics
Philip Frank: The Veterans Adventures
Matthew Gaffney: The Not So Epic Adventure of the Wizardz of Hamalot
Emma Gordon: Magic Wonder
Catherine Guo: Santa’s Long Vacation
Luke Hyslop: Wormy Embarks on an Adventure
Tanmay Karandikar: The Thanksgiving Party
Payton Kirk: The Veterans Adventures
Michael Quirk: Wormy Embarks on an Adventure
Arnav Saxena: Do the Hula Mr. Frog!
Riya Mahesh: A Trip to Europe
Nicole Smith: Graphic Novel Santa’s Long Vacation

Middle School
Rafay Ali: Stanley J. Candler the God of Soda
Karl Armbrust: The Legend of Urses Barktos
Madeline Boreham: Mars’s Staff
Jennifer Chavarro: A Sleigh Ride to Remember
Joshua Chow: Mr. Matt Matter
Beoung Sun Han: Gormer’s Hectic Life
Madi McShan: Masharious’ Big Break!
Scott Simigian: Beatrice Barlowing
Meghana Vankina: The Truth
Sanskriti Agarwal: My Dead Friend
Lea Balcerzak: The Dreaded Words
Shreya Bhatia: Bird Woman
Shreya Chandrasekar: Jewels of Nature
Amy Nguyen: A Dancer’s Dream
Rayan Chowdhury: Shadow
Kevin Chow: The Eternal War
Julianna Ferguson: A Day I Will Never Forget
Madhu Kondeti: Hurricane Katrina: A National Coast Guard’s Story
Manu Kondeti: The Day that Changed America
Pooja Nagrecha: Lights and Darks
Sam Scott: The Deadly Price of Honor

High School
Jessica Chavarro: A Tale of the Old Age
Moshera Elmougy : The Last Daisy
Matthew Gibson : Diary of a Devil dog
Suwetha Kalyanaraman : The Road to Regained Consciousness
Naga Navya Kondeti : Home
John Phelan : Early American Civil Disobedience
Aadam Husain: The Epic of Troy
Mason Leach : Building a Farmer’s Fortune
Sarah Margaret Pittman: A Valentine’s Day Surprise
Amber Watts: Friends Are Not Forever
Camila Plana: Gone but Not Forgotten
Suwetha Kalyanaraman: She Will Never Forget
Rajkunwar Panesar: Word Life
Nicole Bartley: You’ll Never Know
Ashleigh Heaton: Deadline
Sara Nguyen: We Never Knew
Sarah Margaret Pittman: The Last Shot
Diana Abou-Saleh: Origins of Swine Flu

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