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Kimberly Pope reflects on TAGT 2011

April 26, 2012

1)      List the seminar you attended: Infusing Creativity into the Standard Curriculum

2)    Provide a brief summary of the part of the session that you found particularly helpful in your current role working with gifted students.  This session focused on infusing creativity with our GT students. We spoke about getting the students up and out of their chairs, learning to think on the spot and pull from their own knowledge. I have many great ideas when it comes to working with students and get them out of their desk and not just working with a pen and paper.

3)    Describe an experience learned at the conference that you will be able to share with other members of the faculty.  Electronic Portfolios using Project share and this will allow us to see students work over a period of time. Students can take a picture of their assignments, create assignments in Project Share, or upload a file of their assignment. These things will stay in their electronic portfolio for as long as they have it and teachers from year to year can access their files. We would be able to see growth and learning styles just from previewing their work in their electronic portfolios. Working in Project share was really fun and super easy to use. I like the idea of kids being able to see their work live on the internet. I think it will give them, with their assignments, a sense of purpose.

4)    List a topic in gifted education about which you would like to learn more.  I would like to learn how to provide more rigor in a fun interesting way that may or may not involve technology. I would like to know how to get my students to think out of the box, all the time, and learn to work through a process of an assignment.

5)    List presenter(s) whose session you attended and found particularly captivating, dynamic, and informative. CGA is always looking for good speakers for our events.  Anything from the Pieces of Learning Corporation. I attended several of their sessions and they were all very interesting.

Kimberly Pope

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