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New GT Classes Added at CHS

January 9, 2009

The research shows that gifted kids learn more in GT-only classes and they are more likely to get their social and emotional needs met in classes with their intellectual peers, so it is wonderful that CHS is adding two new GT classes for 2009-10:

  • GT Advanced Placement Physics and
  • GT Advanced Placement World History

CHS students can now elect GT sections for 11 of their 16 core classes:

  • GT/Pre-AP Geometry
  • GT/Pre-AP Algebra II
  • GT/AP World History
  • GT/Pre-AP Biology
  • GT/AP Biology & GT/Pre-AP Chemistry (double-blocked class)
  • GT/AP Physics
  • GT/Pre-AP English I
  • GT/Pre-AP English II
  • GT/AP English III
  • GT/AP English IV

Encourage your gifted high school youth to register for these GT classes.
Hopefully CHS will continue to add more GT Social Studies and Math courses.

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