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2011 Summer Mosaic Information

January 25, 2011

For the latest MOSAIC information, please click here.

Summer Mosaic 2011

The following classes are full for the August session:

  • Lego Robotics: Beginner – August 10:30am
  • Improv – August 10:30am (6th-8th grade)
  • Video Game Design: Advanced – August 10:30am (6th-8th grade)
NEWS: by popular demand, we will be offering Video Game Design (Beginner) during August as well as the Advanced class.

Costs (for one student during the same week):

Please note: In the chart below, the numbers 4 to 8 indicate the grades that can take that course.  The classes that are listed as “All” indicate that any students in 4th thru 8th grade can take that class.

Course information (click the title for more information about the instructor and the course).
Animation (Youth Tech Inc)
In this class students will learn the basics of animation and digital design. This class will utilizes Adobes award winning animation software in Adobe Flash. Students who complete this course will gain valuable experience designing and developing several interactive animations and will have digital media to show their peers and family. (This course has a $20 laptop and software materials fee).  For a sample of the commercials made in our June class, please click here.
Art of Magic and Mystery (Christopher Lyle)
Now you they see it – and now they don’t! In this call, you will learn basic sleight of hand skills, as well as an overview of some basic magician’s props. You will also learn how to create magic from common household items, make-it-yourself magic props, and learn how to put together your very own magic show.  Click here to see a video of the June class.
Baylor Hospital: Safe Sitter Program (Marci Moore)
The Safe Sitter program is a medically accurate program that teaches young adolescents how to handle emergencies when caring for younger children. The goal of Safe Sitter is to reduce the number of accidental and preventable deaths among children in a babysitter’s care.
Ceramics (Gail Cary)
In ceramics we will explore various hand-building methods and create 2-3 awesome projects that will “wow” your friends and family. Techniques will include pinch, coil and slab methods. All projects will need to air dry and be fired in a kiln and will be available for pick-up approximately 2 weeks after MOSAIC. This course is only offered during the June 6-10 week; however, students will have the opportunity to glaze their projects one afternoon during the August 1-5 week of MOSAIC. (This course has a $20 materials fee)
Critical Thinking and the Bill of Rights (Todd Kettler)
Imagine that freedom of speech is on trial – and you’re the judge! In this class, you’ll learn basics of the federal judicial process and how judges apply the Bill of Rights and previous case law to real case scenarios. Then, you will apply skills of critical thinking and the words of the Bill of Rights to defend your own views.
“Improv”-A-Lot: A Beginner’s Guide to Improvisation (Amy Yakubovsky)
You’re up – think fast! In this session, participants will learn the basics of Improvisation. The week will include a wide variety of games, and activities. Students will use quick thinking skills, develop characterization, learn to work with a variety of people in different situations, speak in front of others and have fun creating new and interesting scenes.
Military History: If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Rome (David Noel)
A semi-serious (and, therefore, a semi-humorous) overview of military history from Ancient Egypt through World War II. We will look at how weapons and tactics have evolved over the centuries and the role of technological innovation in these changing military tactics.
Egg Drop: Protecting Your Egg Against the Forces of Gravity (Boyd Grayson)
It’s your wits vs. nature itself! Design and test different devices to protect an egg from the devastating forces of gravity. “Scramble” to participate in two different egg drop competitions. Oh, yes, the standard “Egg Drop” may go “over-easy” for most. For a real challenge, you’ll face the little known, super exciting, and rarely “beaten” “Naked Egg Drop.” Will you “crack” under the pressure – or come out ‘sunny side up’?
Film Making: That’s a Wrap! (Laila Sanguras)
Do you know the difference between a film and a movie? Can you write dialogue that furthers the plot? Want to know the power of camera angles? Can you pick the right music for the story? By the end of this class, you’ll create a short video showing how all these elements come together.
LEGO Robotics: Beginner (CHS Engineering Dept)
Students will use LEGO’s to explore the world of engineering by building and operating LEGO robots using LEGO Mindstorms software. They will use creativity and ingenuity to design their own solutions to problems.  To see a video of the June class, please click here.
LEGO Robotics: Advanced (CHS Engineering Dept)
Advanced LEGO Robotics is for those students that have already attended a MOSAIC LEGO Robotics class and would like to take the challenges to the next level.  Click here to see a video of the June class.
Logic and Math Puzzles (Kara Cadue)
Do you love to work math puzzles? Do you get excited when you have a logic problem to solve? Then you’ll squirm and squeal as you attack many styles of puzzles including tangrams, matchstick puzzles, manipulative puzzles, mazes, mathematical puzzles. And – you’ll definitely see some puzzles you’ve never seen before. Come on! Take the challenge!  Here are some pictures of the students in the June class.
Mock Trial (Honorable Judge Candace Carlsen)
This course will take you behind the scenes of the courtroom. You will learn the trial process and gain experience in oral presentation, critical thinking, and problem analysis. And you’ll apply all these as you select a jury, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and argue a case.
Origami (Donna Mullett)
Origami is the Japanese art of paper-folding. It is the magic of turning a simple square of paper into a frog, a flower or a fish – without tape or glue or scissors. After mastering basic folds, the students will progress each day to make complex structures such as unit origami.
Towering Towers: Test the Limits (Boyd Grayson)
How high will your ‘sky-scraper’ be? Students will build and design balsawood towers that will be tested in a fun, safe and “competitive atmosphere”. Given very specific limits, apply your engineering mind to create the most efficient tower. The week will end with a very exciting tower testing competition. Fun prizes for all!
Video Game Design: Beginner (Youth Tech, Inc)
This course provides students with a fun interactive look at the world of video game design and development. Students enrolled in this camp will learn the basics of video game design and produce several different interactive video games to share with their friends and family. (This course has a $20 laptop and software materials fee) NEW: by popular demand, we will be offering Video Game Design (Beginner) during August as well as the Advanced class.
Video Game Design: Advanced (Youth Tech, Inc)
Video Game Design is a Prerequisite for this course. This class offers a more advanced look at video game design. Students enrolled in this course will explore advanced features to video game design and begin working on the development of 3D Games. Students will develop platform as well as team games that they can share with their friends and family. (This course has a $20 laptop and software materials fee)
Vocabulary and Spelling Builders (Danielle Hiebert)
Do you LOVE words? Do you want to strengthen your vocabulary? Do you want to become a better speller? This is the class for you! Explore ways to learn new words. Lay a vocabulary foundation. Improve your reading comprehension. You will learn dictionary and thesaurus skills, poetic expression, root words and practice using context clues.
Wind Generators: Engineering (Mike Yakubovsky)
Learn how to harness a plentiful source of natural energy – wind! Participants will build a scale-model wind turbine as the capstone project in this class. Among activities, students will be learning about what makes a good turbine, how to use the electricity produced, and where wind power is being used.
Writing Studio: Showcase Your Writing (Diane Ramsay)
Students will write and integrate technology seamlessly throughout the week. Using Animoto, student’s poetry will become a music video. Voki’s will turn commercials into talking heads mastered by students. Powerpoint or Photo Story III will guide the way through a student’s short story, and most importantly, students will discover online tools to publish their choice of writing. All work will be displayed on the class’s wiki where students can safely share and respond to each other’s work. It will be a class designed for the 21st century learner.

For information on last year, check into MOSAIC 2010.

If you have any questions, please email Karen Cook at

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